Best Home Security Camera System Under $300 – 2021 Guide

A home security camera system is a great way to protect your property and loved ones. With the rise in crime, it’s never been more critical to have an extra layer of protection. There are many benefits to getting a home security camera system, including monitoring what’s happening at all times with live streaming video feeds from anywhere in the world.

No matter your budget, there are camera options available to fit any budget. The best home security camera system under $300 is an affordable way to start protecting your home without breaking the bank.

Where to Place the Home Security Cameras?

You can place home security cameras inside and outside your home to get the most protection possible. The Best home security camera system under $300 is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. Since so many cameras are weatherproof, you don’t have to worry about breaking down when exposed to extreme conditions like rain or snow.

Outside cameras need to be placed in areas that catch the most activity occurring around your house, such as doorways, driveways, front steps, back doors, etcetera. They’re best used when mounted with special brackets so they can easily swivel when necessary. If you plan on using an outdoor camera only during the night time, you’ll want to use infrared technology for better visibility in complete darkness.

Typically, indoor cameras are more easily hidden, giving them the upper hand in terms of security. They can be mounted out of sight for nearly invisible protection. Best home security camera system under $300 allows you to monitor activity that takes place inside your house while you’re away or sleeping.

Home Security Camera System Best Features

All home security camera systems have some DVR (digital video recorder) built-in so your footage can be recorded and saved to hard drives for access at a later time. The best home security camera system under $300 offers their customers many other features, including color night vision capabilities, cloud storage abilities, motion detector sensors, facial recognition and two-way audio communication, etcetera.

Night Vision

Night vision utilizes infrared LED technology that allows surveillance footage to be visible in complete darkness. These cameras come equipped with powerful lenses and high-resolution sensors, so the images captured look clear and crisp even when it’s dark outside.

Cloud Storage

Another Best home security camera system under the $300 feature is cloud storage abilities. Selecting a plan will provide you with a certain amount of cloud storage to save all your recorded activity. Cloud usually plans range from as little as 1 GB per month to 10 GB or more depending on which package you choose but there is free cloud storage available too.

Motion Detection Sensors

Choosing the Best home security camera system under $300 that offers motion sensors means they’ll automatically begin recording any time movement is detected around them. If you have a best home security camera system under $300 that lacks this feature, you’ll have to manually turn it on every time you want your camera’s recording. Best home security camera system under $300 equipped with motion sensors will keep an eye on low traffic areas when no one is around, facial recognition and freeing up your time for other activities while still benefitting from its protection.

Two-way Audio

Two-way audio in the best home security camera system under $300 allows you to see and communicate with the person in front of it. This is useful for letting people know they’re being monitored or scaring away possible intruders by speaking to them through the device’s speaker. Best home security camera systems under $300 are essential tools in protecting your property, loved ones, and belongings.

List of 7 Best Home Security Camera Under $300

  1. ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System (See Price)
  2. Blink Outdoor – Wireless, HD Security Camera System. (See Price)
  3. Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System. (See Price)
  4. XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System. (See Price)
  5. ZOOMSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System. (See Price)
  6. MTM Security Camera System. (See Price)
  7. ANRAN 4 Channel 1080P Home Security Systems. (See Price)

Top 7 Best Home Security Camera Under $300 Reviews and Buying Guide

ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System

ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System

This budget-friendly home security systems has 1080p Wired Security Cameras & 8 Channel DVR, which can handle up to 8 Cameras. It comes with FREE Mobile App for Viewing Recording on Smartphones using home wi fi by camera remotely.

The built-in 1 TB HDD can store up to 6 Weeks worth of video (25/20fps), which can be played back on any monitor via the DVR. This ANNKE security camera systems offers Infrared Night vision, Motion Detection Alerts for each camera, Remote Access via Smartphone or Tablets, smart home and More.

The H.265 + Video Compression Technology reduces the storage needs and bandwidth of the camera. This security camera systems is a True Plug & Play System, allowing you to connect any cameras directly to DVR without pulling out your hair.

Lastly, its IP66 Waterproof rating ensures that it can withstand even the harshest weather conditions and harsh indoor environments. The Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Technology provides you with very stable and smooth images, even under low or no light conditions.

Features of ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System

  1. 1080p Wired Security Cameras & 8 Channel DVR.
  2. H.265+ Coding & Security-Grade 1 TB HDD.
  3. Accessible by Mobile Application.
  4. ABS Housing body that is durable.
  5. Waterproof, which makes it operatable in any weather condition.

Blink Outdoor – Wireless Home Security System

Blink Outdoor - Wireless, HD Security Camera System

Blink is a wireless cameras, weather-resistant HD security camera systems that provides 24/7 continuous video recording. It contains motion detection that trigger instant mobile alerts whenever motion is detected and sends sharp 1080p HD video in real-time. You can add more cameras to this system which most cameras system aren’t much flexible.

This battery-operated camera has a 140-degree field of view to capture more area with its wide-angle lens. You can operate Blink anywhere you have access to power outlets. No monthly fees are charged for recording or storing your clips because it comes with a free 2GB SanDisk micro sd card – enough for three days of footage before the newest one replaces the oldest clip. Moreover, its two-way audio feature on mobile application makes it best security camera system.

Features of Blink Outdoor – Wireless Security System

  1. Security Camera System
  2. 24/7 Continuous Video Recording from Over 130′ Range.
  3. Operate it anywhere – No Monthly Fees.
  4. Free 2GB SanDisk Memory Card.
  5. 140° Field of View and Sharp Clarity 1080p HD Video.
  6. AA lithium batteries that can last for two years.
  7. Two-way audio support.

Hiseeu Camera Wireless Home Security System

Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System Review Best Home Security Camera System Under $300

This Hiseeu camera security system is an excellent, complete package with eight cameras, and you can add up to 32 in a system. That means that for around $9 per camera, you could have a lovely house or apartment security system in place in no time at all.

This best security camera system is also compatible with the mobile application giving you complete control, allowing access to footage anywhere you have internet service, making it easy to watch your house while you’re away at work, travelling or just on vacation.

On top of that, it’s not hard to install, and the system is plug and plays, so if you have a router and internet connection set up already, this should be easy to put together and get working. You can add additional cameras as well, so if you want to keep an eye on things in more than one area of your home or business, then you can do that too. This gives you flexibility without spending any extra money.

The camera has night vision, making it convenient for use day or night with no direct lighting source nearby. It offers clear images in complete darkness due to its six infrared lights around the lens, which light up the area in front of it. You can also access playback directly from the DVR, but I prefer using my mobile phone because it’s easier and more convenient, so you can quickly pull up video whenever you want.

Features of Hiseeu Security Camera System

  1. 2k Ultra HD video.
  2. One way audio support.
  3. H. 265+ which improves video quality.
  4. Remote access anywhere and any time.
  5. Easy to set up and install.

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera Systems

XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System

This XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System is a security surveillance system for the home and office. It is perfect indoor camera as well as outdoor camera use. This Security Camera System comes with an included remote control, android app control via mobile phone, and support TF card record video to PC, making it very convenient for users to watch videos from the mobile phone or computer’s internet browser.

In addition, this best home security systems under $300 indoor camera offers a real-time display of up to 3 cameras on one screen simultaneously, which helps users monitor what is happening at home or office. Furthermore, this spy camera has four parts: the DVR local storage unit, the 2 IR night vision cameras and one wireless receiver. The recording resolution can be adjustable from the 4CIF-1080P continuous recording. This makes it easy for users to protect their home or business by connecting the XVIM 8CH 1080P Security Camera System to the TV directly and installing the indoor camera or outdoor cameras depending on your requirements without too much hassle!

This best security camera system has built-in IR Cut Filter ensures clearer and brighter images in night vision. The Mobile Phone Monitor App can connect to all cameras, making it easy to manage and control your security system anytime and anywhere.

The best thing is that this brand provides a one-year quality warranty and one month return and money back if you are not satisfied with the system. Customer support is also available 24/7.

Features of XVIM Camera Security System

  1. 1080P recorder with the memory of 1TB.
  2. Outdoor and indoor camera with night vision.
  3. Remotely accessible through the mobile application.
  4. IR Cut Filter, which ensures perfect video result.
  5. One-year official Warranty.

ZOOMSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System

ZOOMSI H.265+ Full 1080p Home Security Camera System

ZOOMSI H.265+ is a new generation mini-IP camera. With its sleek and stylish design, it adds elegance to your home or business security while providing professional-grade performance with the latest in high-definition technology.

This best home security camera system under $300 gives peace of mind and excitement by allowing you to keep an eye on what matters the most to you from anywhere, anytime using your smart home devices. Also, this is a plug-and-play camera, no need to set up or install it; simply connect it with your router via the included Ethernet cable.

Moreover, you can remotely access camera footage by mobile application, which allows you to keep an eye on your home or business anytime, anywhere. 

So, if you are looking for the best home security camera system under $300, this is what you need. Like many other products, this camera system also has Advanced H.265 technology, providing better picture quality and more efficient bandwidth use.

Features ZOOMSI Home Security Systems

  1. Advanced video compression and enhancement with H.265 technology.
  2. Remotely accessible with the mobile application.
  3. Push Alerts and advanced motion detection and motion sensors.
  4. Multiple continuous recording modes.
  5. Weather-proof material.

MTM Security Camera System

MTM Security Camera System Best Home Security Camera System Under $300

This MTM security system is best home security camera system under $300 that home allows you to monitor your home securely. It’s lightweight, compact and portable, allowing it to be easily installed on any window or wall. The system comes with four cameras that offer a different view of the inside and outside of your house.

The cameras also contain 100 ft. night vision, which means you can watch the tapes during the day and night. The system has a 1 TB hard drive, which should be enough space for any homeowner.

MTM Home Security Systems has human body and facial recognition technology functions meant to reduce the number of false alarms. The best part is that the MTM motion-activated camera comes with remote viewing capabilities that allow you to monitor your property from any location. You can also schedule when these cameras will record, so if you’re away on a trip for a weekend, you won’t have to sift through 24 hours worth of footage upon your return.

You can easily install it yourself or have someone help you out; the same goes for accessing the recorded video clips. They indicate how much storage (400hrs) and battery life (2 weeks) each charge provides before purchasing. This security system also supports up to 4 cameras at once, which should be more than enough for most homes and there features make it best home security camera system under $300 .

Features of MTM Security Camera System

  1. 4PCS 5MP Super HD Cameras & 100ft color Night Vision.
  2. 8 CH DVR local storage & H.265+ Technology With 1 TB Hard Drive.
  3. Intelligent Detection to Reduces False Alerts.
  4. Easy Setup and Fast Remote Access.
  5. Technical customer support available.

ANRAN 4 Channel 1080P Home Security Camera System

ANRAN 4 Channel 1080P Home Security Camera System Best Home Security Camera System Under $300

The Anran 4 Channel home security system is a home-based CCTV that ensures the safety and protection of your home. It comes with four cameras which can be installed anywhere through their 3M sticker mounts. The cameras are wireless and require only two power outlets for them to work.

The best feature about this best home security camera system under $300 is its motion detection ability which sends you an email or notification when there’s motion detection in any of the four camera views (after configuring).

Its viewing angle is 90 degrees and can work well even in low light, thanks to its powerful night vision mode (including infrared LEDs). You won’t need to worry about missing important details because each camera has a built-in two-way voice communication function that lets you talk back via your mobile device while you’re home or away.

Of course, home security wouldn’t be complete without home automation, and the Anran 4 Channel best home security systems under $300 is no different. It can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and automatically start recording when it senses motion alerts or loud noise (like glass breaking).

Installing this home CCTV system takes less than 10 minutes. No cabling is required as its cameras are wireless with a cordless dc adapter (included). These features make the Anran home security camera the best home security camera system under $300.

Features of ANRAN Home Security System

  1. 1/3″ Progressive Scan CMOS Sensor.
  2. 1080p Video Resolution 30 FPS.
  3. 90° Viewing Angle, 2.8mm Lens.
  4. 720P Live View & Two-way Audio via Mobile App.
  5. Motion Detection Alert via Email / Push Notification or Recording Mode.
  6. Wi-Fi Connection for Remote Access to Playback Via Smartphone/Tablet APP.

Types of Home Security Systems

The best home security camera system under $300 is a great way to keep an eye on your surroundings and protect your property and save money. Many types of security cameras come with different specifications according to their installation, whether installed indoors or outdoors. Generally, there are three basic types of home security cameras which are discussed below.

  1. Wireless Camera Security Systems.
  2. Floodlight Camera Systems.
  3. Wired Camera Security Systems

Wired Camera Security Systems

A best home security systems under $300 wired system is one of the most secure and efficient security systems available in the market. It works on a power supply provided by the electricity company, and it is less likely to malfunction when compared to its counterparts.

Wireless camera security systems that use Wi-Fi or radio frequency (RF) signals are highly susceptible to interference from sources such as microwave ovens, baby monitors, wireless phones, and even portable radios. Because of this interference, these cameras tend not to work at optimum capacity for any length of time.

Advantages of Wired Camera Security Systems

  1. No batteries needed. The entire system runs on mains electricity supplied by your local energy companies, and regular monthly inspections and maintenance need only involve a simple visual check of the wiring.
  2. The system documentation is clear and well understood, which means that if it becomes necessary to control access throughout a building quickly and easily, this type of security system can be used to set up an efficient intercom service.
  3. Since the wires are already in place, connections are generally not a problem, and you will save both time and money on installation costs compared to wireless devices.
  4. Since there is no interference from other signals, prevent false alarms from nearby sources such as microwaves, ovens, baby monitors, etc., happen very rarely with wired systems.
  5. In case of a power failure, your property remains protected as long as there is sufficient charge in the batteries that communicate the signals from your home to the monitoring centre.
  6. Because this type of camera security system is designed for uninterrupted 24/7 protection, they are most likely to put off a potential intruder.

Disadvantages of Wired Camera Security Systems

  1. A significant drawback is that it requires installation skills and can be time-consuming if you do not have professional monitoring. Of course, the upside of this disadvantage is that you will not need to pay someone else to install your property’s safety measures for you!
  2. It also requires a constant electricity supply which means making sure that the wiring has no faults or glitches. Faulty wiring can cause problems with the correct operation of your alarm siren or even an electrical breakdown, leading to unforeseen expenses later on.
  3. Like most modern systems, a wired home alarm system cannot be used during a power outage. To ensure that your property is protected, you will need to invest in a good quality battery backup which could add to the overall cost of installing this type of camera security system.
  4. Finally, on some occasions, if mains power fails and the batteries are flat, there may not be enough time on hand for them to recharge before an intruder enters your premises.
  5. Since you have no flexibility of choice when it comes to where you want to place your sensors or cameras, they must remain connected by wiring laid out in advance. This can sometimes limit how you arrange things within your home.

Wireless Camera Security Systems

A wireless system operates using radio frequency (RF) technology. Since the cameras and sensors communicate using RF waves, there is no need for any wires to be laid out in advance. This camera security system can also operate during a power outage since it is powered by batteries charged through solar or mains electricity.

This type of best home security systems under $300 offers users a lot more flexibility when placing their cameras and sensors around their property. A user can use door pressure pads, motion detectors, sirens, etc., wherever they see fit without worrying about where the wiring needs to go or if there is a power supply available at that particular place. The downside is that because these devices have no wires to connect them, you cannot be 100% sure that your system is connected and communicating with the control centre 24/7.

Advantages of Wireless Camera Security Systems

  1. Since there is no wiring involved, installing a wireless camera security system does not involve cutting into walls or the floor and drilling holes. This process can sometimes lead to mess being made, which would have been easily avoidable if a wired system had been used instead. You might have to use cable ties, but they will not leave any lasting damage on your property, so that you won’t need any special tools for this part of the installation either.
  2. If you are only looking to protect one room, then this type of camera security system could be ideal as it allows you to move sensors from place to place without having to do any wiring. This saves you time and money.
  3. Another upside is that because it uses radio communication, users are not limited by physical boundaries such as walls or floors. This means that sensors can be placed anywhere on your property, even if it is outside!
  4. If you are concerned about your pet’s safety, then this type of camera security system allows you to use pet-friendly anything that detects pets but ignores people when they enter a room in your house. This could come in very handy for those who own a dog or cat in their household.
  5. For wired systems, the battery may have been flat before it has time to recharge all the way. The batteries in a wireless burglar alarm take less than two days to recharge, unlike wired systems. This might cause problems if your area is prone to power outages.

Disadvantages of Wireless Camera Security Systems

  1. The cost of a wireless camera security system is higher than that of a wired one. 
  2. It can be challenging to connect all devices, especially if you have little or no technical knowledge.
  3. Even though the batteries in a wireless burglar alarm take less than two days to recharge, they need to be replaced at least once a year, which means more money going out of your bank account.
  4. Because these cameras and sensors communicate using radio waves, there is a chance for interference from other appliances such as cordless phones, baby monitors, or even microwaves.
  5. RF units are sensitive to obstacles such as walls and floors, which could cause signal disruption. This type of security camera cannot ‘see’ through these objects meaning that it will not identify someone who has attempted to break in through a wall or floor.
  6. Even though the batteries take less than two days to recharge, they need replacing at least once a year which takes up more of your time and money. Wireless cameras are usually battery operated, but there is no guarantee that you will get at least one full day out of them before needing to replace them again.
  7. Although these devices usually come with an ‘out-of-range indicator that lets you know when you are getting too far from the camera, this device will likely go off if an intruder goes beyond its 300 feet range. This may cause unnecessary panic, especially when you have guests over; you don’t want it to go off every time your dog barks or you are in the garden trying to enjoy yourself.

Floodlight Camera Systems

Floodlight camera systems are a good alternative for people who have concerns about seeing their entire yard from where they install the camera. Most of these security cameras have an adjustable ‘ iris, ‘which is usually installed at the top or center of the device. Depending on how much light you want your camera to detect, you can control this feature utilizing a remote-control unit that comes with the system.

When there is not enough light, best home security camera system under $300 floodlight will adjust itself to pick up as much as possible without compromising visibility or image quality. This type of security camera works by lighting up its surroundings using two high-wattage bulbs, which can illuminate up to 100 feet away. These lights will turn on only when the camera has to capture images; usually, this will be at night or in low-light conditions.

Advantages of Flood-light Camera Systems

  1. Since floodlight security cameras are installed outside, they can monitor large areas of your yard, which means that even if your pet is hiding under a car or other objects, it would still be visible because of its high range. Suppose someone tries to break into your house during night time, for example. In that case, the lights will immediately turn on and capture images of the intruder without them seeing anything clearly because of the brightness emitted by these bulbs.
  2. Floodlight security cameras do not require batteries as they use solar panels or AC power through an outlet. This makes them great for outdoor usage, especially if you live in areas with severe weather conditions like snow or rain.
  3. These best home security camera system under $300 are equipped with night vision (IR) enabled sensors that allow them to capture images even in low-light conditions. This can make all the difference between knowing who broke into your house and not finding out at all.
  4. Floodlight-type security cameras are more durable than wireless or wired camera systems because they don’t rely on batteries for power. Their durability also makes them appropriate for outdoor usage, especially if placed near a home’s front walkway entrance, where people usually monitor visitors closely before allowing entry inside.

Disadvantages of Flood-light Camera Systems

  1. With floodlight camera systems, there is no ‘out-of-range indicator, which means you have to rely on the lights alone to know if it has captured images properly. If your system fails to capture images of what is happening outside, you may not find out who or what caused this problem.
  2. The use of high-wattage bulbs in most floodlight security cameras can pose a fire hazard, especially if these are set up near flammable objects like dry grass or bushes where sparks could accidentally cause them to explode. This is why homeowners need to check their local regulations before installing these types of outdoor lighting systems.
  3. These types of security cameras must be adequately aimed to ensure that they can detect as much activity as possible in a large area. If your floodlight camera is installed too high or not angled at its optimal position, you may miss out on some important events going on around your home.
  4. Floodlight-type surveillance systems cannot be used indoors, unlike other camera types mentioned earlier. This means that if there is an intruder inside your house, you won’t be able to see him with these security cameras unless he enters the room where it is located.
  5. Aperture settings for most floodlight security cameras are fixed, so you have no option but use the default setting, which means that there’s a chance that proper exposure might not be achieved depending on the scene you are trying to photograph. This is important because you need lights and shadows present to determine who or what caused that activity.
  6. These types of security cameras do not come cheap because they use high-end hardware plus their installation and maintenance requirements require professional assistance. If you’re willing to spend a couple of thousand dollars on one, then floodlight security cameras can provide optimal protection for your home as long as it’s set up correctly.


Buying the best home security system under $300 shouldn’t be difficult due to the plethora of options available, but there are certain features to look out for to get the most value for your money.

Good Luck with your choice of best home security camera system under $300. Have a nice day!

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