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How to soundproof a gaming room

How to soundproof a gaming room. Are you into gaming and looking for ways to soundproof your room?

You’ve come to the right place, if so. We all like good sound in our homes, but when you are playing games or watching movies, it can be unpleasant if people around you disturb your experience with their phone conversations or loud footsteps.

If you want to improve your gaming experience and get rid of distractions, read how to soundproof a gaming room for some tips!

How to soundproof a gaming room

How to soundproof a gaming room 2022 guide

Gamers who want to stream their gameplay live should seriously consider soundproofing and acoustic treatment in their gaming area.

This improves the sound quality that viewers hear when they watch your streams, but if your sound quality is bad, you might lose some followers.

Saying so, here are some ways you can use to completely soundproof your gaming room:

1. Soundproofing Blankets

soundproofing blankets to soundproof a gaming room

Blankets and similar materials, such as duvets, can be very useful in soundproofing a gaming room. The best thing is, you don’t even have to go out and buy them!

Just pull the blankets off your bed and place them all over the walls or windows of your room for an instant effect. You’ll be able to reduce echoes and different unpleasing sounds.

2. Mass-loaded Vinyl

You could also attach mass-loaded vinyl (MLV) to your wall/s if you want a long-lasting solution that’s not too hard on the pocket either.

This material absorbs sound well, so it would dampen any noise that may disrupt your experience!

3. Use Curtains

Use Curtains

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on soundproofing materials or make any irreversible changes, just put one or two layers of curtains in front of the door and the windows.

This will stop echoes and other sounds from entering the room.

4. Hang Up Thick Blankets

Another material that’s great for sound absorption is acoustic insulation foam. It would also be ideal for hanging thick blankets on your walls as it can immensely improve your gaming experience!

The cost? You won’t even have to spend a dollar – all you need to do is use what you already have at home!

5. Use a Headset

headsets to soundproof a gaming room

And of course, there are always conventional ways to soundproof a gaming room – one of them being using a good headset instead of your computer speakers or even those expensive noise-canceling headphones.

They are great as they cover your ears, so no outside noise is going to bother you! Choose from this wide selection of headsets starting as low as $25 at Amazon.

6. Painting

Last but not least, one of the best ways to soundproof a gaming room is by painting your walls! This will dampen any echo and noise coming from outside.

So you can enjoy playing or watching movies in peace! Either use professional soundproofing paint or just regular paint with an extra coat of it.

7. Foam Tiles

You can also use foam tiles to soundproof your room. You can get them from a local hardware store or order them online at sites such as Amazon.

All you have to do is apply some adhesive, press the tiles against the walls, and voilá! No more echoes and unwanted noise!

8. DIY Shelves

diy shelves to soundproof a gaming room

Shelves offer another great way of soundproofing a gaming room. They are very cheap and easy to make yourself with a few pieces of plywood that you could find in any hardware store.

What you’ll want to do is add some insulation between each piece so that it doesn’t create any echo-like sounds when you knock on it. It’s just another handy tip when you’re trying to improve your gaming experience!

9. Soundproofing Windows

Soundproofing windows is another great way of making your gaming room more enjoyable. You can get different sound dampening window inserts that you can put into any window (they are straightforward to install).

If you prefer not to spend money on these little yet efficient inserts, just put some insulating material instead; it’s even cheaper than buying the inserts themselves!

This will stop the noise coming from outside, especially traffic sounds or people talking loudly, which can be annoying while you’re trying to enjoy your game.

10. Use Acoustic Insulation Foam

Acoustic insulation foam is another great way of soundproofing a gaming room. You can easily apply it to your walls with adhesive or double-sided tape, then cover it up with some paint if you want.

The best thing about this material is that it’s not expensive at all!

And now, you can see for yourselves how these materials will improve your gaming experience by creating an isolated zone where only the sounds from the game are allowed in.

11. DIY Sound Absorbing Panels

diy sound absorbing panels to soundproof a gaming room

If you are one of the lucky people that have hollow walls, then take advantage of this! You can easily make your soundproofing panels using insulation sheets, heavy-duty glue, and carpet or fabric.

What you need to do is cut these materials into foam board shapes so they will fit nicely in between the studs of your walls to absorb any echo coming from outside.

These panels are great if you want to dampen echoes but don’t want to buy professional soundproofing materials. You need a few carpets or fabrics lying around at home to get started!

Additional Tips – How to Soundproof a Gaming Room

  • Soundproofing a gaming room can be done in many different ways, depending on what you have at home.
  • The more layers of material you add, the better it gets!
  • When choosing your materials for soundproofing, always make sure they are noise absorbing and not reflecting – this way, you’ll reduce echoes.


How to soundproof a gaming room. As you can see, soundproofing a gaming room is elementary and cheap if you know what to use. You don’t need to spend money on the most expensive materials to achieve great results – any material will do!

If your neighbors or family members are already starting to get annoyed by the sounds coming from your room while you’re playing, then it’s time for some severe soundproofing action. Just follow our advice about how to soundproof a gaming room and enjoy completely silent hours of playing (or watching movies) without worrying that your noises will disturb anybody else!

If you have any additional tips on soundproofing a gaming room, be sure to leave them in the comments section below!

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