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How To Kill Mosquito Larvae In Pool

How to kill mosquito larvae in pool? Whether you have a freshwater pool or a chlorine-treated pool, mosquitoes are attracted to your swimming pool.

Your swimming pool contains still water and acts as an ideal breeding ground for hundreds of thousands of mosquito eggs.

The warm temperature of the water is similar to the temperature found inside a woman’s body during ovulation.

This, unfortunately, also makes your pool very attractive to pregnant female mosquitoes looking to lay their eggs so they can create their next generation.

How To Kill Mosquito Larvae In Pool

kill mosquito larvae in pool

You are making sure that your swimming is free of stagnant water, and other egg-friendly conditions will ensure that no mosquitoes will make it into your home via your backyard oasis.

Factors that play a role in attracting mosquitoes to your pool

  1. Plants surround the yard and pool.
  2. Dampness in the vicinity of the pool.
  3. Water leaks and inadequate drainage systems.
  4. Filtration and circulation of water in swimming pools are insufficient.

Ways of Getting Rid of Mosquito Eggs and Mosquito Larvae in Pool

1. Remove the wigglers and debris from the pool water by using a skimmer

Let’s start with the basics rather than make things complicated. First and foremost, it is crucial to understand that you should keep your filter systems running continuously when you have a swimming pool.

Because otherwise, the system may become clogged with algae and bugs. Please take out your filter basket, pull off the lid and stuff leaves, dirt, twigs and other debris from around the edges of it.

Do that every once in a while; it’ll help prevent any issues from developing later on so you can avoid hiring pool service companies for maintenance because, as we all know, that’s expensive!

Make sure there are no leaves or debris as this will hamper proper filter operation and could result in dirty water entering into the pool pump itself if left unchecked.

2. Cleaning Your Swimming Pool to Remove Algae and Debris

Had the pool been clean, there would have been nothing available for mosquitoes to eat, and without food, the larvae would have died.

So, cleaning the pool by removing all debris and algae is critical. You can use a pool cleaner to do the job quickly and conveniently, and automated cleaners are the best and most reliable.

While cleaning your pool’s drains, don’t forget to clean around them because they become blocked with debris that gains access through water circulation.

3. The pool should be equipped with bug lights and mosquito zappers

Lights around the pool attract bugs, including water boatmen and backswimmers, which also land in the pool. You want to avoid this because backswimmers can bite you when you’re in a collection full of them.

Backswimmers and mosquito fish also lay eggs in the pool, so installing LED lights or sodium bulbs around your pool is good.

You also don’t want mosquitoes attracted to your backyard area – so it would be best if you installed mosquito zappers at each corner of the pool (use red LED light for those that are still effective).

4. You Should Maintain Cleanliness Around Your Swimming Pool

One important thing to keep in mind for pool owners is that no one likes a dirty pool, and it’s an awful experience for both the homeowner and their guests should this be the case.

If you own or plan on purchasing a swimming pool, we urge you to take care of it and make sure it’s always clean of anything such as leaves, twigs, bugs (we’re looking at you, ants!), or any other type of debris which may have gotten into the water inadvertently.

You can do many things to do this, from regularly checking your filtration system to ensuring that your correct amount of chemicals are being utilized properly. The last thing anyone wants is an unhappy swimmer.

Is It Safe to Swim in The Swimming Pool with Mosquito Larvae?

Yes, swimming in a water source full of mosquito larvae is safe. Mosquito larvae have bare little spike legs that can’t harm you when it comes to us humans.

But their shape lets them swim around freely in pools for great lengths at an alarming rate that makes them pretty hard to spot!

But the simplest way to kick mosquitoes out of your collection is by using some form of the drain plug, and they’re durable and easy enough for even children and toddlers to put back on after use.


How to kill mosquito larvae in pool. Mosquitoes lay eggs in your yard if you have a lake, puddles, or standing water and don’t get rid of the things that attract mosquitoes to the area around your swimming pool like, for example, a lack of adequate drainage at the base of your collection.

That’s why it can be helpful to take extra steps to boost the flow of water away from your swimming pool, such as getting involved with routine landscaping service or dealing with any issues surrounding plumbing. We want to say thank you for reading our guide about how to make sure that any water around your pool does not become more attractive to mosquitoes than it already is! We’re here when you need us.

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