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How To Kill A Cockroach

How to kill a cockroach? This article is about how to get rid of roaches quickly and inexpensively. We are sure you’re concerned because you’ve got roaches lurking in your kitchen, bathroom or anywhere inside your house.

But worry not! Here are different ways to take care of these pests and ensure they never infest your home again. You don’t even need to spend a single cent when you follow the steps listed below!

If you apply our methods correctly, you’ll get rid of the vast majority of roaches currently affecting your house.

At least you can say goodbye to their annoying little hitch-hiking friends (the ones who managed to survive your last attempts) and keep them out for good.

How To Kill A Cockroach

different ways to kill a cockroach

Borax is a common laundry chemical that is effective at killing roaches. Combining equal parts borax and white table sugar is one technique to destroy these bugs.

Dust the mixture in any areas where you’ve noticed roach activity, such as cracks or corners of bathtubs or refrigerators.

When the roaches eat the borax, they become dehydrated and die quickly.

1. Put your shoes on the roach

Roaches are barbaric creatures, and they come across as relatively easy to get rid of; however, contrary to popular belief, stomping on one is not always the best option.

Stomping will usually only release its bowels, causing a mess and smell that can linger for some time. You don’t want that!

We suggest using an alternative method instead – check out our guide on how to crush a roach where we walk you through step-by-step through what is most effective.

When it comes down to eliminating your roach problem without having to deal with the stress or hassle of cleaning up messy aftermath unless you want to because it might just attract other pests in your household.

2. Mix Listerine with water and spray it on the roaches

What will kill cockroaches? By the spray alone, Listerine kills roaches by acting as a stunning spray against the roach (on contact).

This chemically reduces their metabolic rate, which is its way of producing lethal results. As for mixing it with Lysol and vinegar to make a more potent concoction to use for roach bombs and poisons.

Combining citric acid (Vinegar) and phenol (Listerine) can produce lethal effects against the entire colony, though how destructive would depend entirely on how much pesticide one uses in their homemade concoction.

3. Freeze them in the Refrigerator

Cockroaches can’t survive extreme cold and heat. At temperatures below 40°F, it’s been recorded that cockroaches will shut down their activity.

And in temperatures below 32°F, they’ll begin to freeze and die off eventually. So if you’re going to want to remove a cockroach infestation at your home.

The best way to do so is by putting them all into a big plastic bag and then putting the bag in your freezer for 3-5 hours. Then you can dispose of them all into one big bag and make sure that the plastic bags are sealed tight.

4. Use a Boric Acid

boric acid to kill a cockroach

Boric acid is a popular solution amongst roach killing savvy individuals. Boric acid does not scare away roaches.

It just makes them move slower than usual because it severely dehydrates them from the inside. While this may seem sadistic and cruel when you stop to consider what’s happening at that moment.

It is an environmentally friendly way to rid your home of dirty bugs! The best part? It doesn’t hurt the environment in any way either because all you do is get rid of the bugs (and empty their nest) without causing any more harm.

5. Use a Roach Spray

Sprays like Raid are instant roach killers. And it comes in handy when you want to get rid of those darned pests without having to go near them directly – spray their nest, and they’ll all die instantly!

However, we strongly recommend using sprays like this only if your kitchen is infested with many roaches.

One can accidentally hit nearby surfaces, which is dangerous for your hands and even worse for the food you prepare.

Before using any pesticide, please make sure you read the instructions that came with the bottle and keep these products away from areas where they could harm children and pets.

Is it true that killing a cockroach attracts more cockroaches?

Cockroaches don’t typically eat their dead. Yes, it’s true that if you have any dead roaches in your home, in some instances, you can use them as bait to attract more alive ones (though not typically)

But this doesn’t mean that cockroaches do eat their dead, for the same reason it doesn’t make much sense to say bears and lions are scavengers because they’ll eat the carcass of an animal killed by another predator.

We recommend throwing away any dead cockroaches immediately to avoid attracting other insects such as ants.

What Is The Best Way To Dispose Of Dead Roaches?

If you kill roaches and ants with poison but leave their remains around, you’re just going to create a whole new problem.

Dead roaches and ants will attract other pests like spiders and centipedes, which can wreak havoc on your furniture and other property.

The best way to avoid this is to use these methods with care, then clean the mess left behind so it won’t attract more of these pests. If you’re cleaning in hard to reach areas.

It’s best to use a broom rather than leaving the dead carcasses where they don’t belong because then those leftovers may end up drawing even more ants anyway.


how to kill a cockroach. In this article, you learned how an exterminator could work alongside you to make your home pest-free. An exterminator may be able to tell you if cockroach infestations run deep in your home by seeing how long it takes for the roaches themselves to be eliminated after applying pesticides at the source.

If there are still roaches even after using pesticides, however, that might mean there are nests and eggs underneath or around your home that has been undetected so far that are going to need destroying too. Or it could mean that baby roaches have been making a nest or growing up unspotted – undetected until now!

Either way, you’ll want the help of the professionals (like an exterminator) who can come back to clean things up again after ensuring they’re completely gone this time because even reaching the source of where some roaches have made their nest is a tricky business sometimes.

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