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Dryer start button not working

Dryer start button not working. While getting ready for the office, you know that the clothes aren’t prepared because the dryer isn’t working.

Isn’t it frustrating? It is! Whether you’re single or have a family, a dryer has become necessary, especially if you have a large family.

You don’t have to panic. If your dryer’s button is not working, it doesn’t only mean that there is an issue with the dryer’s start button; probably, there is something wrong with the dryer itself.

In this article, we’ll discuss some troubleshooting methods to help you repair your dryer on your own instead of spending bucks on repairing or getting a new one for you.

Dryer start button not working

Before diving down into different check methods, you should check whether your socket is working? Have you turn on the socket button and is there enough voltage coming through the circuit. If everything is working fine, you should try the methods discussed below:

Check The Dryer’s Door

checking dryer door issue

First and foremost, you should check whether your dryer’s door is closed or not. There is a door switch placed in almost all dryers from reputed brands.

The control buttons will not work when you open the dryer’s door; the control buttons will not work. These settings are set as a security precaution.

So, check whether something stuck inside the dryer’s door is causing the door not to close properly.

You should also check that on closing the dryer’s doors, whether a piece of cloth gets stuck? Sometimes due to dust buildup, the door doesn’t close properly. So, clean the dryer once a week.

Thermal Fuse Issue

Another common reason is a thermal fuse that is blown. Upon continuous use, the dryer gets hot. Upon overuse, the thermal fuse gets blown.

There is no fix for the thermal fuse. You’ll have to change the whole fuse, but it’s easy. Follow these steps to change the dryer’s thermal fuse:

  1. Turn OFF the dryer.
  2. Remove the fust cover, screws, and wires.
  3. Before replacing, check whether fuse wires a damaged or not. If they are damaged, then probably the fuse will be fine.
  4. Attach the wires and tape them. Plugin the dryer and press the start button; if it works, the cables have
  5. an issue.
  6. If not, replace the whole fuse and screw it back to its position.
  7. Reconnect the dryer wires to the socket and press the start button.
  8. Now, your dryer will be back to work.

Dryer’s Belt Is Broken

dryer belt issue

The belt in the dryer is attached to the motor and dryer’s drum. When the belt gets broken, the drum will not move, which causes the dryer to stop working.

To check whether your dryer’s belt is fine or not, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the power supply.
  2. Pull and unmount the upper lid of the dryer.
  3. Unplug the wire that connects the dryer and the safety switch.
  4. Lift the front panel of the dryer and open it.
  5. Pull out the dryer’s drum.
  6. Check if the belt is broken or not. If it’s broken, use the manual to see the belt number and buy it.
  7. Now, wrap the new belt around the dryer’s drum and mount all the parts back to their position.

Incorrect Settings

There are some safety settings available on most dryers, like child locks. Also, settings like an automatic or timed cycle. If you have set child lock, the dryer won’t start unless you turn it back off.

If the settings are set to an automatic timed cycle, the dryer will start and stop the onset time. To deactivate these settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Long press the automatic or timed cycle button to turn it off.
  3. If this doesn’t work, use the reset button to reset the settings.


What happens when the dryer overheats?

Like other electric appliances, the dryer also needs air to flow internally. When there isn’t enough air, and you continuously keep running the dryer, it will get exhausted. So, try to put the dryer in well-vented windows to allow fresh air to pass through it.

How to know if the dryer is getting hot?

You will see burn marks on your clothes which indicates that your dryer is getting hot. If so, the first thing you have to do is turn off the dryer and let it cool. If you have a pedestal fan, place it nearby the dryer. Later on, call a professional to help you resolve the issue.


Dryer start button not working. If your dryer’s start button doesn’t work, there is probably an issue causing it to malfunction. Try our troubleshooting methods above, which will hopefully help you solve this issue. We hope you have found this article helpful. Thank you for your time!

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