Best Rear Tine Garden Tiller

Best rear tine garden tiller. Choosing the best rear tine tiller for your landscaping needs can be a bit of a challenge.

If you’re looking to get something that will help you do easy work out of our garden, for example, there are quite a few varieties of rear tine tillers available on the market today.

To help make sure you choose the right one, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide, which details some fantastic products that can come in handy during every stage of your gardening season.

6 Best Rear Tine Garden Tiller

1. YARDMAX Compact Front Tine Tiller

yardmax compact front tine tiller

When it comes to landscaping, you want a tool that will get the job done fast, whether digging or tilling. In addition to digging deep and fast, rear tine tillers can achieve this while saving on labor.

Tines are shorter than front tines but provide twice the amount of power in a sideways motion and grinding at an angle to loosen tough soil for deeper penetration.

The YARDMAX YT4565 cultivates with a width of 18 inches and a depth of 6.5 inches, which are great for rear tillers. This tool offers seven shaft adjustments to fit varying terrain.

Consumers appreciate the YARDMAX YT4565’s ability to work with varied soil and condition depths from just 4 inches to 7 inches without sacrificing quality results.

Another feature consumers appreciate is that these rear tine tiller replacement parts are made accessible through day-to-day use by replacing worn-out parts rather than purchasing a new machine altogether, which they would prefer.

If you’re searching for a tiller that can cut through even the roughest terrain, the YARDMAX YT4565 is the one to get. The wide mower has an 18-inch width, and the dual cultivator has a 6.5-inch depth.

Its 7-speed engine will ensure that you are done with your project. If you thought it was only a lightweight power tool, you’d be astonished to hear that it also features self-sharpening tines.

Because of the combination of deep cultivation and sharp tines, you’ll have fewer passes over your soil, allowing you to spend less time working and more time admiring the natural beauty.

2. Craftsman Counter Rotating Tine Tiller

craftsman counter rotating tine tiller

The Craftsman CMXGVAM1144036 is a small rear tine tiller designed for gardeners looking for the best fit.

The key feature of this product is that it has a cultivating width of 14 inches, even though it appears to be one of the smallest on the market.

This is an advantage because its size allows you to navigate easier through compacted soil and get more attached to your garden area with lesser difficulty.

Its steel tines are ten-inch long, and due to their smaller size, they end up being shorter than other rear tillers by about two inches, which ends up being advantageous for those who want a modern look for their gardens.

The additional cultivating depth of seven inches adds to its practicality and gives more flexibility when entering into different types of soil depths.

This best rear tine garden tiller has a Honda engine on it which means it’ll be able to take care of your other lawn and garden tasks with ease.

With the Craftsman CMXGVAM1144036, that is possible thanks to its self-propelling function. Take this, for example, you used this option a few times already during your last mowing session, and now during the tilling session, you decided to remove it as you were done using it.

Therefore, you took down the lever inside your car, which released the rear wheels onto their own, but after just a few minutes of usage, they stopped working.

3. CHAMPION Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

champion dual rotating rear tine tiller

A 5-year guarantee covers the Champion Dual Rotating Rear Tine Tiller. This tiller may be used for various jobs, including gardening, landscaping, and whatever else you need to get done in your yard.

This is because it gives you a lot of versatility and control over the process – whether you want to plow away large amounts of soil or simply clear weeds from an area you’ve been working on.

You can do so with confidence that this tool will work diligently, giving all tasks your full attention on every rotation. This durable tiller was designed for heavy-duty gardening and featured a solid steel frame.

The design of the Dingo plow makes it great for large yards and gardens because the 12″ tines can dig through hard soil.

This best rear tine garden tiller comes in handy when working with rocky areas, steep hillsides, and home lawns.

Additionally, this tiller includes a convenient handle that folds down when not in use and 30″ adjustable rear wheels, allowing the unit to be pushed or pulled easily through the garden to finish the job quickly and efficiently.

4. Yard Machines 208cc Rear Tine Tiller

yard machines 208cc rear tine tiller

If you’re looking for a dependable rear tine tiller that won’t cost you much money, we suggest considering the Yard Machines 208cc Rear Tine Tiller.

This inexpensive model can be used on small to medium gardens, though it is best suited for smaller gardens.

Although this is technically a smaller option than you’d find in other rear tine tillers, it is the right size for most small- and medium-sized gardens.

Additionally, its small price tag ensures that anyone who needs one will be able to afford it! Furthermore, a very comfortable handle height makes using this product easy and painless for your body.

The handle itself is also quite comfortable. Overall, these aspects help lower fatigue and increase fun while using the product!

Finally, the steel blades do not disappoint and truly stand up to a challenge every time. Once you try this product, we are sure that it will not only be powerful enough for your work but will last for long years to come.

In addition, the company offers a 2-years warranty if anything goes wrong with the tines during this period. It does take a little bit of getting used to.

However, before using it, you have to remove the wheels on each side of the tool to move it without turning it on, which is more inconvenient than complex.

Otherwise, it would have placed first in all aspects had they included better mobility.

5. Southland Rear Tine Rotary Tiller

southland rear tine rotary tiller

If you are looking for a versatile tiller, this is one! You can use it in varying weather conditions with soil with different textures.

The manual start delivers reliable performance with the assurance of consistent starts every time.

Plus, if you need to switch from forward to reverse operation at any given time, you won’t have to leave your work and stop tilling manually.

It packs a serious punch with 11-inch diameter brass blades and rotating flanges, so that deep penetration into even hard surfaces is achieved effortlessly.

The deluxe two-tone handle’s ergonomic design lets you control the depth and angle of action to customize your tilling experience to suit all your lawn care needs!

This best rear tine garden tiller is a relatively solid and reliable rear tine tiller, with the price on the more affordable side for consumers.

As with most Southland products, you won’t have any complaints about how it performs – it’s just a great product that works as advertised.

The 10.3 ft-lbs 4 stroke OHV engine provides plenty of power and fuel efficiency for use in many ways thanks to its gear-drive system and is one of the reasons it’s priced affordably.

It will allow you to till a large area effectively with little time investment from your end while still easy to maneuver into new positions if needed.

6. Troy-Bilt Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

best rear tine garden tiller in 2022

One of several Troy-Bilt items on the list highlights the incredible work this firm has done to transform the rear tine tiller industry’s landscape fundamentally.

The Troy-Bilt TB250 250 cc Rear Tine Tiller is one device that was developed to navigate in easily accessible regions and is excellent for moving rich, rocky soil and preparing it for planting.

This mid-range tool in their inventory is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, which distinguishes it from competitors in its class.

The forward spinning tines are fantastic at removing excessive dirt while also bringing up nutritious goodies previously locked away below ground level.

The Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller will help you power through your tilling and soil preparation needs for many seasons to come.

A Briggs & Stratton Gas Engine powers the 184cc Air Cooled Single Cylinder 4-Stroke OHV ProTec Engine in the Troy-Bilt Pony Counter Rotating Rear Tiner.

The Pony Tillers have a 16-inch tilling width, a 12-inch diameter, and a 7-inch adjustable depth for the most satisfactory results.

This best rear tine garden tiller has 13-inch tires for increased grip, front and rear brush shields, and front bumper protection, allowing you to dig through soil effortlessly. It also has electric start capabilities here at your preferred house.


Which is better, front tine or rear tine tiller?

The rear-tine tiller is a highly effective implement with broader tines than the front-tine tiller. When cutting through extremely compacted earth and dirt, the rear-tine unit is geared to fling heavier volumes of soil.

The rear tini can cut through previously uncultivated rich soil, and some of the more powerful versions can do it with considerable ease.

What is the advantage of a reverse tine tiller?

Reverse rotating tines are like a chevron pattern and rotate on the shaft in opposite directions. Consequently, a tiller with reverse rotating tines requires more horsepower to get the job done.

However, it also makes tilling into more complex surfaces easier because of their ability to dig deeper without working so hard since they are going along for the ride instead of fighting against it.


Best rear tine garden tiller. Rear tine tillers are heavy-duty garden tools necessary for tilling the soil in any organic garden. But because there’s such an abundance of options available, picking one can be pretty daunting. It’s challenging to determine which model will ultimately suit your particular needs. There are many factors that farmers have to take into consideration before making their final decision.

So we put together a guide that highlights some of the most important things to think about when looking for one. We also reviewed six of the best machines on the market today and spoke with farmers who use them to help you find what works for you. As a result, we concluded that two models stood out amongst all those we tried – both had their strong points but compared scores very closely overall.

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