Best Places To Hide a Camera In Bedroom

Best places to hide a camera in the bedroom. If you’re doing extensive research because you’re trying to find the best hidden camera for your bedroom.

But can’t seem to find that one perfect model for what you want, it’s important to ask yourself good questions and think about what you’ll be using it for.

You need to consider whether or not you’ll use the ability to record audio as well while also attempting to match its look with the current appearance of your home.

It’s always better to get a covert that blends in as opposed to one that looks out of place – and if your primary concern is keeping a close eye on things without having anyone knowing, choose something black!

Best Places To Hide a Camera In Bedroom

If you want to monitor your partner or know what your kids get up to when you’re not around, a hidden camera can be just the tool to make sure everything is OK at home.

These cameras are inconspicuous and small enough to hide in many places like books, clocks, toys – anywhere they won’t look out of place.

1. Television

television hidden camera

Many people today like to watch TV in their bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean you have to let TV control your bedroom.

To make sure the next time visitors come over they don’t notice a camera in your bedroom, make it something easy to blend into your bedroom’s d├ęcor by placing it near a television.

Setting up a camera on top of television is an effective way to disguise its purpose because most people won’t look there and most people may not even associate any type of electronic device with being a camera (After all, our society has barely become accustomed to typing on laptops and cell phones are pretty out-there as well!

They just would never imagine there could be cameras present so easily right before their eyes!).

Simply make sure that whatever color you choose for the camera blends with the rest of your furniture. And avoid bulky cameras – these will just draw attention!

2. Toys

Teddy bears are popular gifts for children, but why not also use them to place a hidden camera in?

This method is very common, and if you need a covert way to set up surveillance without anyone knowing about it, installing your devices inside of a teddy bear is the best solution.

If you’re in a child’s bedroom, this presents no problem since there are bound to be stuffed toys lying around.

Using a toy means you don’t have to worry about anyone taking your cameras away-even if some people become aware of their existence and location!

3. Light bulbs

You can turn a regular light bulb into a hidden camera. Make sure to remove that bulb and store it elsewhere.

Freshen up some orange juice or an apple cider so your loved ones might not realize something has gone awry in the house.

To achieve the best results from this home security system, make sure you have easy access to your loved one’s favorite room(s) since this is where they oftentimes feel most comfortable and find peace of mind during stressful times!

It helps to partner with computer experts who are capable of hiding cameras on computers too but we’ll get more detail about that in another article.

4. BookShelf

bookshelf hidden camera

This is another great place to put a spy camera if you have a bookshelf in your bedroom. The next time you read a really good novel, use it as an excuse to buy a spy camera.

Use everyday things as decoys: you can easily place a spy camera inside some book and position it so you have a good view of the bedroom.

5. Mirror

If you prefer putting your camera in a mirror then it’s important to remember that there are different types of mirrors.

The most important question to ask yourself is how hidden or exposed do you want your IP security cameras to be?

Because the nature of these adjustments affects the clarity either clearer images or more blurred HD video. By choosing where and how to place security cameras, users have more control over their experience.


Best places to hide a camera in bedroom. When shopping for the best hidden camera for bedroom recording, it can be a bit overwhelming when you look at all of the options that are available. Each has their pros and cons and after narrowing down your needs you will only have one option left and wouldn’t need to spend so much time looking into potential hidden cameras when you have already found what you were seeking.

There are a lot of things to consider as well when going forward with the purchase of any video recorder including; its size, number of features, and recording capability. For those wanting this device to place in their bedroom there are a couple extra things they’ll need such as portability and privacy… But I’ll get into more detail later on!

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